What's your reward for Anthem Items

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What's your reward for Anthem Items
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    Wednesday, 30 January 2019
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Oh, and there is a fourth group out there as well. There are skeletons infused with dim chaos magic who wish to take out the dwelling. Take them out too. The map above shows exactly where all of these creatures on in regards to their own plans. Go to them, then discontinue them at all costs.

Now, an interesting part of this Buy Anthem Boosting occasion is these attacks and creatures will only take place during particular times of the day. The event goes from the 26th through November 1st, however, only during specific 3-hour intervals do the attacks actually happen. So, ensure you know the program (it is on the Steam webpage ) to understand when to be where.

What's your reward for Anthem Items doing such great deeds? Well, you are going to get Dreamer's Tokens, which you may swap for some pretty cool items and loot.

TERA Update Brings Two New Dungeons

The Might of the Mechanic patch also brings alterations to the enchantment system, as well as changes to getting gear and the TERA club.

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