Anthem Items Details its own Halloween Event

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Anthem Items Details its own Halloween Event
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    Jan 30 2019 at 01:00 AM - Jan 31 2019 at 01:00 AM
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    Anthem Items Details its own Halloween Event
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Therefore, if you've been thinking of starting a new course or taking a break from TERA, now is a good time to get back to it. For the full details on the event, including the amount tiers and details about the prizes, head over to the match official EU website.

Anthem Items Details its own Halloween Event

With Halloween just days away, many matches are celebrating the holiday with some special themed occasions. And also the MMORPG TERA is not any different. But you might argue that this occasion will be different than most of the others, because their occasion is one that is on a much larger scale. How so? Well, in Buy Anthem Boosting event, the monsters of their world have gone, crazier, they're doing things they were not doing before. Mainly, they're attacking specific territories, and now you have to stop it.

In case you're looking for specifics on who's doing what, the Steam page for the show notes that:"Worshipers of Fire will be besieging the world's arctic regions, the argons are starting a new invasion of Seeliewood, along with the dwellers of Bathysmal Rise desire to flood the hills with cold waters."

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