What's actually acceptable on wow classic gold

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What's actually acceptable on wow classic gold
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    Apr 12 2019 at 01:00 AM - Apr 26 2019 at 01:00 AM
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Pre-BC etiquette are also an issue, because so many people are babied by expansions they're not goin to fully understand and/or care about server standing and what's actually acceptable on wow classic gold a far smaller version of WoW Classic. There is real accountability when a host is much smaller and cut down much more by faction. Word spreads fast, such as a little community/town from the actual world and it is going to make people angry when their anonymity will not protect them . Accountability may easily kill the taste for many immature/bad players, fast.

Really bein poor at WoW Classic can spread fast, instead of a few pseudo-lvl from a website/mod that does not tell the whole story: there is a lot of high tier players who get trapped w/bad PUGs that fall apart constantly and it goes onto their score, which deters score seekers out of invitin them to teams (BFA); this will lock actual bad players onto a black list to get Raids/Instances/Trading/PvP/etc. The only way out would be to server transfer or alter your Character's name, while not tellin people your Alt's titles and havin that your Blizzard ID/RL ID, since word may spread through that.

Many are not goin to cheap wow classic gold like not havin Heirlooms to lvl fast and they will realize they can not just solo pretty much everything, particularly in the lower lvl Instances. Many people are pullin more DPS in lvl 30 at Heirlooms, than people were pre-BC in Tier 3 equipment, along w/havin far more Health. It'll be quite a rude awakenin realizin they're not where near as good as they thought they were and it was just xpac material nerfs, along w/Character buffs that're why they're in a position to do what they could.